All you need to know about the Dallas Passport CMS In this article, we want to focus on our CMS (Content Management System), the beating heart of our content applications, and better explain how it works. Dallas Passport’s CMS is, by definition, a system integrated into your back office that simplifies the process of creating, […]

Schedule Publication Dates

Schedule an end of publication date We’re happy to release a bonus little feature that many of you have been requesting: the possibility to schedule an end-of-publication for content pieces. Until now, you were able to schedule the publication date. With this new feature, you can now choose a date on which this content will […]

RSS Feeds

RSS Feed Events to help you grow your audience Another RSS Feed extension has just been released: RSS Feed for Events. With this latest extension, you can optimize access to your event calendar by making it available on external platforms.  RSS feeds are a valuable tool for content distribution, allowing you to reach a wider […]

Push Notifications

iOS 16.4 and Web Push Notifications Z Since the very first iPhone, users have had the ability to create shortcuts to progressive web apps on their homescreens that resemble app icons. Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWAs, offer a unique way to access websites and their services without having to install a dedicated app. […]

Countdown timer

Why a Countdown? Anticipation is a powerful emotion, capable of transforming interest into action. Whether it’s the launch of a revolutionary product, the start of a new offer, or the countdown to a major event, creating anticipation can strengthen the emotional bond with your audience. The Countdown widget allows you to capitalise on this expectation […]

Need Custom Features?

Custom Design In terms of design, Dallas Passport offers many parameters that can be set directly from the back office of your apps. This translates into a wide variety of options when it comes to design. Dallas Passport is the first App Builder ruled by a Design System . This is how we value the design of […]


ChatGPT : The extension that revolutionizes your application with artificial intelligence At GoodBarber, we always seek the best innovations to help you create high-performance, original, and attractive apps. That’s why we’re delighted to present our new extension: ChatGPT, a feature that lets you integrate artificial intelligence into your application. ChatGPT is an Open AI template optimized […]

Loyalty Program

The perfect loyalty program for your content app Loyalty points, memberships, benefits, and exclusive discounts: if you also run a business or frequently purchase from stores (especially franchises), you’ve probably heard of a loyalty program a thousand times. This marketing model aims to reward the most loyal customers by offering them exclusive benefits and discounts. It […]

Advanced APIs

Your work isn’t done after your customers have completed their transactions. Now start the logistic management of these transactions. Having a seamless process allows you to stay competitive, provide a great customer experience, therefore, building loyalty and driving conversions. This is where our public APIs can help you unlock the power of automation. They enable […]


Expand your business with a Membership app Offer exclusive content and generate recurring revenue with in-app subscriptions Financial stability Customized subscriptions Increased loyalty Better knowledge of your community Expand your audience Enhanced brand image From $30/month 30-day free trial.  Harness the power of your work Invent your own subscription system and turn your content into […]