6 Tips to Increase Customer Conversion Rate

Convincing someone to buy your product is no easy feat, especially for brand new products that have little to no visibility in the market. If you are currently struggling with this dilemma, fear not—there are many things you can do to increase conversion rate and gain new clients. Today we are offering 6 simple tips […]

How to sell an App appointments booking

Customers now prefer to book appointments via an app, because it’s much quicker and more convenient than calling on the phone! Plus, there are fewer scheduling errors with an app. 1. Identify potential customers Hairdressers Barbers Beauty salons Aesthetic salons Spa treatments Dental practice 2. Key features To win over the customers we mentioned earlier, […]


GATEKEEPER Hi, I’m _______ from Dallas Passport. We host an event similar to Restaurant Week, ours is called Local Flavor. And your restaurant is invited to join. So, who should I talk to that makes marketing decisions. (LET THEM ANSWER)  Are they available? (IF NO)  When would be the best time for me to call […]

5 tips for building clients’ loyalty

1. Analyze your client base It seems obvious, but before implementing strategies to retain your clients, you need to know your base perfectly. Indeed, most of the time, when you’re busy with the day-to-day project follow-up, you don’t necessarily take the time to sit down and analyze your clients’ performance. However, this is essential. By […]

How to handle Leads’ objections?

What are the basic rules for responding to objections? Don’t snap or respond in a hurry. On the contrary, stay open and accept criticism. Don’t take your clients’ objections personally. Take your time before answering, it could make the situation worse. Consider remarks as requests for information. Ask your clients questions, ask them to clarify their thoughts. […]

How to sell Apps

Restaurants Booking Step-by-Step API’s Associations With Dallas Passport you can create a lot of different apps, we offer over 500 features. So, you can target many different sectors. You’ll find in this article a few good practices to sell an app to a restaurant. Since the Covid health crisis, the restaurant industry is changing. And […]

Sell an app to a physical store

1. Which target to reach? When you decide to sell apps to physical stores, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Dallas Passport, you can customize the app you sell to the extreme so it will be possible to reach a whole bunch of sectors. But we will list the main ones: – Fashion stores (Clothing, shoes, jewelry) […]

Objection: It’s too expensive

1. A reasonable investment The most common objection from your leads will probably be the famous: “it’s too expensive”. When you are told that your service is too expensive, the first thing to do is to check that your solution corresponds to what your client expects. It is, therefore, necessary to move on from the price […]

How to Pitch an App

1. Pitch a native app What problem are we addressing? Companies or associations of all types are convinced that they must be present on mobile to reach their audience. People spend more than 4 hours a day on their cell phone. There are more smartphones in the world than computers. In some countries, it is […]