YO Steakhouse

This dining destination offers an atmosphere of relaxed elegance where you can savor the finest cuts of steaks, chops, and fresh fish, all expertly prepared to perfection. What truly sets them apart is an unwavering commitment to quality. They take great pride in serving only the highest quality USDA Prime beef. Each cut is meticulously hand-cut in-house, following a time-honored method perfected over 125 years. Their beef, all U.S.D.A. Prime, undergoes a process similar to that used by ranch hands for over a century. Seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices, their meats are charred on a flat top griddle and finished with a secret sauce, locking in every drop of succulent flavor.

Y.O. Steakhouse is renowned for its extensive wild game selection. Many of these animals freely roam our vast 48,000-acre ranch. For those seeking a one-of-a-kind dining experience, they offer various types of venison, game birds, and our signature dish, the buffalo filet mignon.

And if you’re a seafood enthusiast, their menu features nightly specials showcasing lobster, shrimp, salmon, sea bass, tilapia, and other fresh fish. Y.O. Steakhouse is the ultimate destination for culinary excellence, where each bite embodies our dedication to perfection.