Become an Ambassador

Businesses would like your help
referring customers to their store and Local Flavor Chef Dinners.

So, you are invited for a free appetizer, dinner, drink
and get to know your community.

It’s free for you, just come by, say ‘hi’, and see what the business offers.
If you like them, then hopefully you’ll refer customers to them.
Our goal is to help your team become informed on our community.
This makes your team more helpful to residents, and even improves sales.


Ambassador Benefits

Would you like to be paid for referring business to local restaurants, massage, beauty, and health?

  • We pay $1 to $25 per person you send to one of our Local Reward partners. Basically, anyone on the front page of our website.
  • Fill out the form below to set up your Ambassador Account.
  • Create a second income and support our community!

An easy way to increase your payroll.


Step 1 – Website Signup Above

Step 2 – Ambassador Signup Below

Ambassador Signup Form ?Who is the mgr of the property where you work? ?Let's celebrate your birthday!