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Offer exclusive content and generate recurring revenue with in-app subscriptions

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Customized subscriptions

Increased loyalty

Better knowledge of your community

Expand your audience

Enhanced brand image

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Harness the power of your work

Invent your own subscription system and turn your content into a revenue stream


Exclusive access for subscribers

The subscription system is a truly strategic tool for enriching the user experience within your application. By offering them a subscription to your content, you give your users exclusive access to a valuable selection. Your subscribers become privileged members of your community, and find themselves at the heart of an immersive experience, where every click reveals quality content, carefully reserved for an engaged audience. By judiciously deploying this functionality, you can build a real bulwark against the commoditization of content, positioning your app as an essential reference in your industry.

Subscription as a catalyst for success

Explode your growth with Premium Content


Build audience loyalty with exclusive content

Offer exclusive content that builds audience loyalty by providing a unique and rewarding experience. Subscribers enjoy privileged access to articles, videos, podcasts and other premium content that encourages them to return regularly to discover what new things your application has to offer. By offering a unique and enriching experience, you create a strong bond with your audience, reinforcing long-term loyalty.


Increase your income with paid subscriptions

Generate recurring revenue with paid subscriptions that leverage the premium content you offer. By offering exclusive, high-value content, you entice users to sign up for subscriptions, creating a stable, recurring revenue stream from your app.


Establish your authority by offering high-quality content

Position yourself as a leading authority in your field by offering premium content that attracts and retains your audience. By offering in-depth articles, cutting-edge analysis, exclusive interviews, in-depth courses and tutorials, or other premium content, you establish your authority and credibility with your audience. This allows you to stand out from the competition and become the destination of choice for those seeking quality expertise in your field.

Powerful features, unbeatable results

Explore our tools to power your content

Customized Subscription Management

Define different subscription levels with customized pricing and content to meet the specific needs and preferences of your audience. Our subscription management functionality enables you to segment your audience and offer tailored offers, guaranteeing an optimal user experience and higher conversion rates.

Easy and Secure Payment

Integrate secure payment solutions to facilitate transactions and provide a seamless shopping experience for your users. For an In-App purchase, users don’t need to create an account or enter their billing information: all their data and their payment card are already stored in the stores. Thanks to one-click payment, and the means implemented by the stores, such as payment by FaceID or TouchID, purchasing is quick and easy. You can reassure your subscribers and maximize trust in your application, resulting in increased sales and revenues.

A versatile tool for everyone

Optimize your application for every type of user

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