Loyalty card: how to pick a validation process

With our platform, integrating a Loyalty Card into your app is just one click away. However, even though the set up is intuitive, you might be wondering how to introduce a loyalty program to your clients in the most relevant way. Obviously, usage of a loyalty card varies from one business to the next. We […]

How Do People Make Decisions Online?

Everyday we face thousands of decisions that can have a major or minor impact on our lives. We choose between products, brands, flavors, smells, landscapes, and even whether or not to take the risk of trying new products. This leads me to some pertinent questions: how is my product distinguished amongst so many similar ones? […]

6 Rules to Make Great Push Notifications!

What is a push notification? It’s a short message sent directly to your users mobile device. It’s a great way to trigger engagement, notify users of important news and much more. Most importantly, users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. As a result, push notifications are a […]

ChatGPT : Revolutionizes your App with A.I.

At Dallas Passport, we always seek the best innovations to help you create high-performance, original, and attractive apps. That’s why we’re delighted to present our new extension: ChatGPT, a feature that lets you integrate artificial intelligence into your application.  ChatGPT is an Open AI template optimized for rich, consistent dialogs. With this extension, you can […]

Apps for culinary inspiration and food lovers

In today’s fast-paced digital age, mobile apps have revolutionized how we approach culinary inspiration and cater to worldwide food enthusiasts. Food lovers now have the power to share their passion for gastronomy, whether through creating content-rich apps to share recipes and blogs or through establishing innovative shopping apps to sell food or kitchen products and […]

Apps Sell Products

1/ What are the targets? With GoodBarber’s eCommerce apps, you can target different types of customers. The categories of customers to prospect can be divided as follows: Local delivery and in-store pickup Groceries It’s not just the major retailers who can offer their customers an online ordering and delivery service. With GoodBarber, even grocery stores […]

Get your food truck’s digital presence rolling

We’ve already addressed the fact that an app can help send one’s business to new heights. Nowadays, with mobile navigation surpassing the desktop web, users are quick to turn to their “on the go” devices to search for information, itineraries, and reviews–especially so when it comes to eating out! If this is the case for […]

Up your push notifications game with emojis

Now that you’ve built the perfect app for your restaurant, the perfect tourism app, or “insert your area of expertise” app, it’s time to start engaging your audience. One of the most effective ways to make sure your users don’t forget about your app? Push notifications. Now, if you are wondering how to up your […]

3 Digital Ingredients for Restaurant Success

Getting together around food is such an important part of so many cultures that restaurants are probably never going to go out of fashion. That being said, with globalisation, the competition has never been more fierce. Traditional cuisine is challenged by new eating patterns (snacking, food trucks) and new consumption habits (such as fast deliveries […]

Revolutionize your restaurant with an app

If you are looking at creating an app for your restaurant, it’s most likely that you’re already convinced a mobile presence will serve your business, through boosting sales, improving brand awareness and building loyalty. But, and we’ve said it here before, no business should create an app just to create an app. Which is why […]