Need Custom Features?

Custom Design

In terms of design, Dallas Passport offers many parameters that can be set directly from the back office of your apps. This translates into a wide variety of options when it comes to design. Dallas Passport is the first App Builder ruled by a Design System . This is how we value the design of your applications!

Beyond the basic settings already available, some advanced options can be activated if you want to push the design tailoring even further. The J-Son option  provides you with complete freedom to personalize the design of your app, the colors, the typography, the size, and so on. Once the extension is activated from the Extensions Store , you can free your creativity and play around with each section’s {JSON} settings. You don’t need any technical skills —our dedicated documentation will help you step by step. And your apps will have a unique look!

Custom Integrations

If your client asks for a feature that already exists in its web version, the webpage can be embedded into the app using an HTML section. There are two ways to do this:

1) Copy-paste the URL, and the page will appear within. This is all that needs to be done for websites that have already been optimized for mobile.

2) For other websites, the display on mobile may not be so great. In this case, better to use the second method, consisting in customizing an HTML template (coding knowledge is highly recommended for this).

We also offer many connectors that will make your life easier, such as WordPress, YouTube, Squarespace, etc. For instance, if your client already uses WordPress for their blog, you can use our WordPress native plugin. The content published on the WordPress blog will be automatically synced within the Dallas Passport app. Other connectors are available. Check them out on our Extensions Store !

Suppose you want to integrate a platform for which we don’t offer a connector. In that case, you can try creating a custom connector, which is achieved through creating custom feeds that will display any existing website in a Dallas Passport app . Again, this trick requires some developer knowledge.

Public APIs

A system that allows unlimited integration possibilities is APIs , Application Program Interfaces. You can connect different services using APIs and ensure a seamless flow of information from one software to another. Our public APIs are available on both eCommerce and Content apps. For instance, taking as an example a restaurant app, you can use API to recover all details related to an order, print them with your thermal printer, and send them to the kitchen to be processed . For a Content app, you may think of connection Dallas Passport to your Mailchimp account, or the platform you use for email marketing campaigns. When new users sign in to your app, they’ll be automatically added to your next Mailchimp campaign mailing list.

Custom Features

Being an App Builder, Dallas Passport is a comprehensive solution offering a wide range of features common to many users. Hence, it’s not a platform designed to develop custom features. However, if your client has a specific demand that cannot be satisfied with Dallas Passport’s native features, you may consider some options.

If you or someone on your team has some coding knowledge, you can use the Plugin section (available in our Extensions Store) to create your own custom plugin for your app . The Plugin section is coded in HTML5, CSS et JavaScript. You can assign this task to an in-house or freelance developer if you don’t have any coding knowledge. You can find our documentation for developers in the back office of your apps.

If you don’t have the resources to develop custom features, Dallas Passport provides the Service+ solution . The Service+ Team consists of Dallas Passport developers who build custom features on demand for our clients. If your client’s request cannot be satisfied by the existing features, do not hesitate to call on our experts. Service+ will analyze your request and provide a cost estimate according to the project’s feasibility.

In any case, with Dallas Passport, you always have a solution to meet your client’s needs! We invite you to explore all the available options by testing our platform and asking for our team’s advice. By doing so, you’ll be able to easily manage your client’s project and meet any specific demand.

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