Deep Ellum

Indulging in a Culinary Kaleidoscope

Deep Ellum embodies the spirit of Dallas’s eclectic culture and diverse community. Amidst its vibrant murals and bustling streets, a world of culinary delights unfolds, offering a feast for the senses.

Here are some recommended restaurants to elevate your dining experience in Deep Ellum:

  1. Pecan Lodge: Sink your teeth into succulent barbecue brisket, ribs, and sausage at Pecan Lodge, a beloved destination for Texas barbecue enthusiasts.
  2. BrainDead Brewing: Savor craft brews and inventive pub fare at BrainDead Brewing, where burgers, tacos, and smoked meats are paired with house-made beers.
  3. Niwa Japanese BBQ: Grill your own meats tableside at Niwa Japanese BBQ, where premium cuts of beef, pork, and chicken are accompanied by an array of dipping sauces and sides.
  4. Serious Pizza: Feast on giant slices of New York-style pizza at Serious Pizza, where size matters and flavor reigns supreme.
  5. Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop: Bite into gourmet sandwiches and burgers at Uncle Uber’s, where fresh ingredients and bold flavors take center stage.
  6. Angry Dog: Unwind with a cold beer and hearty pub grub at Angry Dog, where burgers, hot dogs, and loaded fries satisfy even the biggest appetites.
  7. Cane Rosso: Transport your taste buds to Naples with authentic Neapolitan pizzas at Cane Rosso, where wood-fired pies are topped with fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil.
  8. Easy Slider: Enjoy gourmet sliders with a twist at Easy Slider, where inventive flavor combinations and a laid-back atmosphere make every bite unforgettable.
  9. Twisted Root Burger Co.: Customize your burger with a variety of toppings and indulge in handcrafted milkshakes at Twisted Root Burger Co., a local favorite for burger aficionados.
  10. Stirr: Dine on elevated American fare and craft cocktails at Stirr, where rooftop views and stylish ambiance set the stage for a memorable dining experience.

In Deep Ellum, culinary creativity knows no bounds. This is where innovation, and community spirit combine.


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